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DSC Touchscreen PTK 5507

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PC1864, PC1832, PC1616
PTK 5507

Arming and Disarming the System

Stay Arm: Press the Stay Arm button and/or enter your Access Code and do not leave the premises.

Away Arm: When Away Arm is selected:

• Enter a valid access code to proceed.

• "Exit Delay in Progress" is displayed in the Status Bar.

• The touchscreen "beeps" at a 1-second interval during the exit delay. Then 3 beeps sound in the last 10 seconds.

Disarm: If Disarm is selected:

• A numerical keypad is displayed.

• Enter your Access Code in the keypad.

Disarming Error: If your code is invalid, the system will not disarm and a 2-second error tone will sound. If this happens, press # and try again.

Check Faulted Zones: Scroll through the different system zones in the Zone Status page. Faulted zones will show a zone fault icon next to the zone name.

Bypass Zones: When in the Zone Status page, scroll up/down through the desired zones, and tap on the bypass icon to bypass the zone. To un-bypass a zone, tap the un-bypass icon. (NOTE: For security reasons, your installer has programmed the system to prevent certain zones from being bypassed ex. smoke detectors)

Sensor Reset: To reset the detectors, press the Reset (Command Output 2 if the installer did not program a label) button on the Outputs screen. If a sensor fails to reset, it may still be detecting an alarm condition. If the sensor reset is successful, the alarm is cancelled. If unsuccessful, the alarm will reactivate or continue.

Chime Enabled/Disabled: Door chime - To turn the door chime function On/Off, tap the Chime icon. There are 3 beeps to indicate that the chime is ON, 1 long beep to indicate the chime is OFF.

Access Codes: When Access Codes is selected from the Options menu, the keypad prompts for a Master Code. When a valid Master Code is entered, a numeric keypad is displayed with arrows to scroll to the desired user to add/edit. Press the select button to enter the user options.

Set Access Code: adds/edits the 4-digit code.

Set Partitions: assigns the user to partitions.

User Options: enables/disables different options for the user.

Delete User: deletes the user from the system.

Master Code: The master code, if programmed, can only be changed by the installer

User Manual: DSC Touchscreen PTK5507

Keypad Help

For instructions and manuals (when available) to assist you in the operation of your alarm, please visit the Keypad Help section of this website.

Keypad Help

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