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Bosch / Radionics 4412 & 6412

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Bosch / Radionics 4412 & 6412
4412 and 6412
621, 623, 625

Arm: [All On] or [Command] [1] (arms all), [Part On] or [Command] [2] (arms perimeter)

Disarm: [4-digit code]

Check Faulted Zones:

Smoke Reset: After resetting the alarm [Command] [4] [7] to reset the smoke detectors.
* If smoke has not cleared, the alarm may resound. Clear the detector of smoke and repeat the sequence to reset.

Chime Mode On/Off: [Command] [6] + [1] to turn the chime on or off. If the Command (CMD) light flashes you may need to enter your code.

Change Code: It is recommended that you call your security company and make changes under their direction.
[Command] [5][5] + [Old Code] + [New Code] + [New Code]. There may be an error tone that sounds and you may try a different code.

Power Down Panel: Remove one wire from the battery and unplug the panel transformer if you know where it is. It is a beige box plugged into a nearby power outlet. If you can't find it, then remove one AC Power wire from the panel.

Product: Home burglar alarm system keypad and business burglar alarm system keypad

User Manual: 621 Manual
User Manual: 623/625 Manual

Keypad Help

For instructions and manuals (when available) to assist you in the operation of your alarm, please visit the Keypad Help section of this website.

Keypad Help

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