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Home Security Systems

Eagle Security designs and installs a range of burglar and fire detection solutions for every size home.

These solutions include systems that offer access control over your home, alert you during intrusion, fire or medical emergencies, and dispatch the proper emergency response teams directly to your address. Because your home contains the things that matter to you most, rely on Eagle to protect your family, pets, belongings and memories. As the world around us is growing more and more turbulent, protecting your home from fire and intruders is more important than ever.


Eagle Security offers a 24/7 monitoring service that will alert you and the proper authorities of intrusion, fire and medical emergencies.

Guard against unwanted visitors, both home intrusion (break-in while you're home) and burglary, (break-in when you're away).

Points of Protection

The base technology to secure your home from unwanted visitors also provides you with additional protection possibilities:

  • Door and window sensors to protect entry points
  • Motion detectors to capture movement inside your home
  • Heat and smoke detectors to protect against fire
  • Water detectors to protect against major water leaks
  • Carbon monoxide detectors to warn of gas build-up
  • Light timers that turn lights on/off automatically
  • Special user codes for kids so parents know when they get home from school
  • Panic buttons that will trigger your alarm in a threatening situation
  • Medical alert pendants which signal our monitoring station
  • Pre-alarm devices to alert you of someone approaching your home

Keypad Help

For instructions and manuals (when available) to assist you in the operation of your alarm, please visit the Keypad Help section of this website.

Keypad Help

EagleNet Login

With EagleNet, you can log in and view your alarm activity in real time. Contact your sales representative today for details.



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